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Our Services

Information Security / Firewall / AntiVirus / User Training


In this day and age, all it takes is one misclick by a single employee to put your entire infrastructure at risk. Our multi-level approach to network security can ensure that your proprietary information, customer data and company owned devices stay safe and protected from prying eyes.

We offer sales, configuration and management of Firewalls, spam filtration, managed DNS services, and Anti-Virus software.

We also offer basic penetration testing services and user training programs.

Mobility & IP Telephony


Lets face it, no one wants to be tied to their desk phone or even to the office anymore. We offer modern work-from-anywhere solutions to allow your users to be safe and productive while away from the office.

We offer resilient & easy to use, cloud based VOIP solutions for our clients. These solutions are perfect for the modern mobile workforce and often at a lower cost than traditional phone systems.

Secure access to your email, chat, documents, office phone, and line of business applications from Home, In Office, or on the road is the "New Normal" and PineLinx can help you get there.

Cloud Computing / SaaS Solutions


We have cloud solutions for everyone, from the startup looking to implement a cloud infrastructure with rapid scaling capability to an established firm who is just starting to investigate a cloud migration from an aging email server to a modern SaaS platform.


We help our clients find the best cost solution that will meet their current goals while keeping an eye on what their needs will be going forward.

Google Workspace, Office 365, Azure, AWS, GCP, Vultr, Wasabi whatever your provider, we are ready to help you get the most benefit from their platform and services.

Backup / Disaster Recovery

  • Do you have your data in a cloud providers datacenter (Google Workspace, Office 365, Salesforce,etc) and want to back it up elsewhere?

  • Looking to stay in business no matter what happens to your on premise infrastructure?

  • Worried about Ransomware or Cloud Ransomware wreaking havoc on the only copy of your data?

PineLinx has solutions to keep your data safe and keep your business critical services running no matter the emergency. Ask us about a Disaster Recovery Plan for your organization today.

Web/Email Hosting


We offer hosting services including up to date implementations of Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and more. We will help with your DNS records and domains if needed and be as hands off or hands on as you need us to be in the setup of your site.

Does your company email account look something like this ""? Let us help! It's cheaper than you think and really makes an impression to prospective customers.


We also can help you to move your email from one platform to another. Migration of your email is in many ways transferring a record of your company's history to a new format.


We handle your email,blogs or sites with care at a reasonable monthly price.

Networking / General Technology Consultations


Need help cleaning up your data closet? Firewall, switches or access points starting to show their age? Contact us today for help getting your infrastructure performing like your users need it to.

  • Need help building a managed network infrastructure to serve your employees and customers while keeping their data separate?

  • Need help with compliance questions?

  • Need help with your smart home?

  • Need a programmer for a quick project?

  • Do you have an obscure device that plugs into the wall and has a processor but you are out of your wits finding someone to help you get it working again?

  • Some other vaguely tech related issue?

Just contact us, if we cant get the job done, we will help find you the right resources to get your issue resolved.

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