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Introducing our new Customer Portal

Our new portal gives our customers unique insights into their projects and their documentation. Contact us today to get on boarded in minutes.

We have been working to get this new feature up and running and are ready to roll it out as of today.

Yes, rest your weary Eyes dear customer. It has "Night Mode"


Our new Customer Portal allows you to:

  • View Project Status and Files

  • Collaborate with PineLinx through built in file sharing and Chat

  • View your organizations Documentation or store your own in the included Wiki.

  • View Proposals, edit quantities as needed and sign.

  • View and Sign Service agreements

  • Track and Pay Invoices via Stripe

Our goal is for this platform to provide all the tools needed to manage your ongoing projects and IT documentation in one place. No more juggling email chains and voicemails to find the information you are looking for, we've streamlined the process of working with an IT vendor and we cant wait for you to try it.

It's yours and its FREE

Our mission is to create CUSTOM IT Solutions that scale to YOUR needs. This focus on building tailored solutions extends to our portal as well. We will give you access to our PineLinx wiki system as well. Use this as a place to store or backup any of your organizations Documentation and to make use of the data we have collected on your IT infrastructure in an easy to read format.

Contact Us Today to learn more about the PineLinx Customer Portal.

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